Most athletes are unaware of their underlying FEAR and how it affects their performance. Facing fear is a CHALLENGE because we have to look at emotions that have been suppressed through life. New AWARENESS develops athletes and teams that thrive because of an integration of mind/thoughts and heart/emotions. The result is a life in balance with commitment to grow COURAGE leading to creativity and sustainable results in your sport.

Step 1 Focuses on how much time we spend in our mind and thoughts. When we work on self-realization, we become aware of how much we have been controlled by our thoughts and neglecting our emotions. It affects not only your level of performance but your personal well-being as well.

Step 2 Brings the emotions into play, in order to draw attention towards their crucial role in making a NEW foundation for transformation. This is a challenge, and does not primarily work with the thoughts as we are used to, but it opens to an understanding of the emotions and how they affect your performance.

Step 3 Opens to the awareness of balancing thoughts and emotions. You have to look into your vulnerability and take care of emotions in daily life. It is a continuous process that will give you the possibility of emotional interaction in your sport and step forward with new authenticity.

Step 4 Illustrates the result. Now body, thoughts and emotions are integrated – creating a platform for the authentic and brave athlete to share creativity and develop new skills. Courage influences not just the personal performance – but also the achievement of sustainable results.



In sport activities every athlete has a desire to win. Main focus is to control and achieve results. Awareness to emotions and subconscious FEAR has no attention causing unstable performance.

  • Dependency for superior results
  • Work with defined goal setting and evaluation
  • Negative thoughts and emotional blockages
  • Subconscious reaction patterns
  • Unaware of the 5 basic emotions
  • High confidence & low self worth

  • CHALLENGES-icon-lille


    When pressure builds up thoughts and emotions affects the desired results. Through CHALLENGES its possible to accept and recognize negative emotions.

  • Negative emotions affect performance
  • Increasing competition on the team or from competitors
  • Skills are being challenged
  • Social dissatisfaction in the team
  • Inner imbalance where resources are exploited
  • Lack of responsibility and action

  • AWARENESS-icon-lille


    Using challenges to bring AWARENESS combining positive thinking and 5 basic emotions. Accepting vulnerability to transform negative emotions into strength and different kind of motivation.

  • Attention to the emotions when they arise
  • Changing negative reaction patterns
  • Letting go of control creating creativity
  • Honest communication = trust
  • Perceiving vulnerability as strength
  • Motivation in the process

  • COURAGE-icon-lille


    Every change starts in the individual and requires commitment and consistent motivation from everybody involved. Creating COURAGE is a transformation process that takes constant attention in order to maintain performance level and attain new skills.

  • Acting with courage and awareness
  • Using thoughts and emotions as a strength
  • Interaction with authenticity
  • Working with goal setting and emotional evaluation
  • Team work thrive = High performance & well-being
  • Creating purpose and coherence in the team