Most people live their daily life unaware that their FEAR is subconsciously affecting their routines and reaction patterns. Fear of not being good enough, left alone or left out. To change that facing fear is important, and that is a CHALLENGE for most, because it means looking at emotions that have been suppressed through life. Facing fear creates new AWARENESS and a more stable and positive daily life surrounded by family, friends and colleges, and the result is emotional wellbeing, thriving and a work-life balance with room for COURAGE to grow.

Step 1 focuses on how much time we spend in our mind and thoughts. When we work on self-realization, we become aware of how we are controlled by our thoughts trying to convince us, that we are not good enough, that others are better than us and that we have something to fear.

Step 2 opens to a new understanding of the emotions and their crucial role in making a NEW basis for working with oneself. This is a challenge, because it forces to put attention to feeling the emotions instead of “just” thinking about what is felt.

Step 3 creates room to balance thoughts and emotions through awareness. Subconsciously, a new platform is created where thoughts and emotions reach common ground. This creates a breakup previously characterized as control by the thoughts. In order for something new to emerge, space needs to be created, through a change that must occur within one’s being.

Step 4 illustrates the integration of body, thoughts and emotions, creating a platform for the authentic and brave individual to share thoughts and creative ideas that will influence not just the individual – but also partner, family and friends



In our personal life most people are unaware of how their thoughts and subconscious FEAR is creating negative conditions in the daily life.

  • Subconscious and negative thoughts about the other
  • Subconscious and inappropriate reaction patterns
  • Things left unspoken and false
  • Fear of not being good enough and left alone
  • Focus on ”what is not done”
  • Challenge by children
  • Emotional blockages

  • CHALLENGES-icon-lille


    Negative conditions in our daily life create adversity and a need for change. Change often lead to CHALLENGES and suppressed emotions come to the surface.

  • Suppressed emotions = vulnerability
  • Negative emotions affect one self and others
  • Lack of responsibility and change
  • One emotion covers another
  • Put words to the emotions
  • Resistance from the other

  • AWARENESS-icon-lille


    Through challenge AWARENESS is created through a combined understanding of the thoughts and the 5 basic emotions. Vulnerability is key to transform and creates courage and an authentic life.

  • Attention to the emotions when they arise
  • Understanding and changing negative reaction patterns
  • Have patience
  • Let go of control
  • Create trust through communication
  • Perceive vulnerability as strength

  • COURAGE-icon-lille


    Every successful change starts with the individual and requires patience and vulnerability from everybody involved. Creating COURAGE and an authentic life is an on going process that over time only gets easier and much more fun.

  • Acting with courage
  • Using thoughts and emotions together in awareness
  • Family relations are met with authenticity
  • Honest and direct communication
  • Creating purpose and coherence