We Teach – You Learn!

Not only from us – but we all learn through the relational reflections and with life in general. We are here to teach you and your team, the power of reflection and explain how our concept and theories work.

We work through fear towards courage and create an authentic life with sustainable results for you – in your life and in your business.

We believe that every experience is here for us to learn – the question is; are you ready to learn, and have you got the simple tools you need in order to make the necessary actions and changes in your life?

We take great pleasure in teaching and we love to share our simple tools, which we have developed through the last 10 years working with individuals and groups.


Luise Thye-Østergaard

has a master from Copenhagen Business School. She is EMCC-Certificered Coach, Founder of the ERT-Theory, guide and teacher. She works from the belief that every change starts with the individual and she has a great track record of helping families to thrive.

Greatest fear: To forget who I am, not being able to follow my heart. My courage has helped me to follow my heart in life matters where most people would not have “the courage to go”. I have walked the path which I teach – and I end up facing my fear changing it to courage – living a very “unordinary life”.

What Mads says about Luise: "Luise is an experienced teacher and has a talent to convey complicated theories making it easy to understand. She is a master in communication on many different levels, and she is a living proof that the theories she represent, is possible to implement in daily life."


Mads Vibe-Hastrup

is former winner of the Junior World Amateur Championship in 1996 and European Tour winner in Madrid Open 2007. He is an entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher and he works as an emotional therapist. His passion is to perform extraordinary in everything he does and guide people to better results creating a life in balance.

Greatest fear: Not to succeed financially and live a life where there is no change and development. My courage helps me to keep finding new possibilities, and never to give up when facing adversity.

What Luise says about Mads: “He is one of a kind, because his is brave – very brave. I admire how he manage to be gentle, to the point, stubborn, persistent, creative, sweat, honest – and at the same time be a winner not just in sport – but in his life!”


We present our teaching with simple tools to understand – that is a learning treat. You will feel it, when you are working, but it will also take you on a life journey above your wildest dreams …
Start living who you are – instead of living – who you have become ..!


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We provide tailored learning treats to accommodate your specific needs and demands.